Please find my credits listed below.

Year Show As Notes
2018 Ivan's guide to Mother Russia Vladimir Kolkov Overclocking Technologies
2018 Ivan's guide to Mother Russia Vladimir Putin Overclocking Technologies
2018 Ivan's Guide to Mother Russia Komrad Cuddles Overclocking Technologies
2018 The Forgotten Love Thomas Armitage The Mystery Show
2017 The Mystery Show Claude Brush The Mystery Show
2017 Those that remain Marshall Samuel Carter (Lead) Blue Jasmine Media
2017 Insane Lives Man in the White Coat Obverse Films
2017 The King and I Kralahome (principle) Heckmondwike Players
2016 Stockeld Park Scarefest Highgate Vampire AtmosFEAR
2016 The Night Monica came Back Herbert (older) Northern Star Acting
2016 2 Miles Under Protester V-Pac Productions
2016 Stanley Postal Worker Moving Eye Productions
2016 The Acting Biz Chris Northern Star Acting
2016 A Mole Walks into a Bar. Zack - Chef Northern Star Acting